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Have you always been smitten by the written word - a word wizard crafting spells to stir the lion or clinch some metals? Was Adzap the reason you went to college? Are you the Grammarly for your friends? We have been looking for you. One MG is calling out to copy writers who can weave awe inspiring stories for brands. People with a background of Literature, Mass Communication or Journalism are preferred.

  • Strategic conceptualization and formulation of brand messages

  • Expert writing skills, editing and proof reading abilities

  • Writing concise, attention grabbing and hard-hitting copy

  • Ability to deliver within short time frames and meet tight deadlines


We are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic about creating enviable and memorable designs for some of the leading brands from across the world. Creative, accurate and with an eye for details. We are very good at what we do and only want to work with people like us. If you make the cut, we'll invite you to be a part of a highly creative and dynamic design team which works on awesome brand communication collaterals.

  • Ideate and visualize

  • Manage multiple creative projects across print and digital

  • Develop overall layout and production design for print and digital media

  • Drive high visibility and high impact projects from start to finish.


We are looking for individuals with an actual passion for development and confidence in their skills. Individuals would be expected to code cutting edge responsive websites that are not just static, but also integrated with content management systems. Rather than just being functional, these websites should also stand out with animation and design.

  • User interface coder

  • Code front end designs for website

  • Work closely with the design and creative team to develop distinct user interfaces

  • Capability to integrate/ customize user interface to open source content management systems