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EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosys, develops innovative software products and offers them on-premise or as cloud-hosted business platforms. EdgeVerve products and platforms are used by global corporations across industries such as financial services, insurance, retail and CPG, life sciences, manufacturing, and telecom.



EdgeVerve’s social media interactions were scattered and lacked the interaction frequency. This meant very little quality engagement and the brand was ultimately lost in the social noise.


  • We worked on a strategy to build quality content to address specific content buckets and publish them periodically across social media channels.
  • To enable rich content, we build a program called ‘Social Champions’. The program’s goal was to create thought leaders from within the organisation who could work with us to create original content that was share worthy.
  • The content was discussed with the brand, ratified with social listening tools and developed in a particular style, creating a visual signature for the brand.
  • Original content in the form of videos, podcasts, cases, blogs was generated and further reused as animated motion graphics, infographics, tweet pics, quotes and slides.
  • While diversity in content and signature branding elements ensured better brand association, building anticipation and ensuring consumption, frequent updates ensured top of the mind brand recall.


  • The first week of the program saw 100% increase in engagement.
  • Within 2 months, the reach of the brand had increased by 18 times on Twitter and 1.5 times on LinkedIn.
  • Twitter retweets increased by 42 times and LinkedIn shares by 3 times in the same period.
  • The published content also encouraged 75 influencers to start following the brand and the brand saw an increased engagement from the influencers as well.



To attract fresh talent EdgeVerve had 2 challenges – one that they were a start-up and second, the Infosys tag that was associated with them carried an image of a mammoth company which wasn’t as cool as the current day tech companies like the Facebooks and the LinkedIns. EdgeVerve wanted to soft sell that it was a cool place to work with a young and vibrant work culture. They also wanted to make a sales pitch presentation for their product AssistEdge, a customer service product for contact centres that delivers an integrated cross-channel experience.


We created a presentation that would resonate with the young IIT, IIM crowd who were looking to work in an environment that would provide them with the right kind of challenges and exceptional opportunities. A sales pitch presentation was also designed for AssitEdge.